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Industrial Brushware has perfected the construction of Strip and Block brushes over 25 years of production and constant redesign and innovation. We are industry leaders in rigid, flexible back, staple set strip and block brushes as well as custom moulded strip and block brushes throughout Asia Pacific.

We work closely with OEM designers and engineers looking to develop new and innovative brush products. A brief description of the four types of Strip and block Brushes are outlined below:

Rigid Back Strip Brushes
1. Hard polypropylene back strip brushes are made by fusing high quality brush filaments into an extruded poly backing making the filaments become one with the backing. These brushes won't corrode as they are constructed entirely without the use of any metal parts.
2. Metal back strip brushes are made by filling brush fibres into a continuous metal channel, the brush fibres are held into the channel by a central rod which is then held in place by closing the sides of the channel and can be manufactured in either a stainless steel or galvanised backing to suit any application.

Flexible Back Strip Brushes
1. Extruded Flexible Back Strip Brushes are made by fusing high quality brush filaments into an extruded wide Polypropylene or Nylon Backing which allows for flexibility and the ability to contour into various shapes that typical metal back strip brush cannot.
2. Staple Set Flexible Strip Brushes are made by stapling tufts of filament into continuous coils of a specially extruded flexible. A single row of tufts is standard however multiple rows can be produced depending on the width of the brush backing required.

Staple Set Strip and Block Brushes
Stapled set (tufted) brushes are made by stapling tufts of filaments into pre-drilled blocks of plywood, hardwood, nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, rubber or leather. This type of brush offers a wider range of individual brush design options from single tuft to complex multiple row brush designs.

Moulded Strip Block Brushes
These type of brushes are quite unique as they are virtually unrestricted in the length of bristle that can be used and the density of fill required. Individual bristles are moulded directly into the polyurethane base and it is nearly impossible to remove them, this type of brush is extremely hardy and durable in all outside elements.

Please explore the different offerings in more detail below or contact our friendly staff today with your special requirements and let us create the perfect brush to suit your application!



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