Collection: Conveyor Belt Cleaning Brushes

 Industrial Brushware offers a wide variety of Conveyor Brushes including:

  • Helical Construction

  • Spiral Wound Construction

  • Rotary Staple Set Construction

  • Stationary Strip




Industrial conveyor belt cleaning brushes are assembled by fixing heavy duty cage type castings onto a shaft, then fitting 12 metal back strip brushes into the six location spaces giving an overall brush diameter of 305mm. Maximum length of 4000mm long.

  • Left or Right hand helical patterns are available.
  • Smaller castings also available to give 250mm overall diameter.

This type of construction has the advantage of using heavy duty helically formed strip brushes that can be refilled on site. Open cage type construction is ideally suited where brush clogging causes problems.

  • Brush units are usually mounted under the head drum so the rotating brush will sweep residue material away from the belt.
  • Independent screw adjustment provides a simple method of brush adjustment.
  • Recommended brush speed is 3x belt speed.


Spiral wound brushes offer greater versatility in terms of brush diameter and density.

The advantages of this type of construction are:

  • Brushes can be made in diameters ranging from 100mm to 900mm.
  • Brushes can be made in lengths of up to 4000mm.
  • The brush density can be customised by altering the pitch of the strip being wound to suit either light or heavy work.


This type of brush is ideal for smaller light industrial applications where brush clogging causes problems and belt cleaning is imperative.

The HDPE core together with the nylon bristle in this type of brush make it well suited for:

  • Food processing plants
  • Beverage distilleries
  • Biscuit manufacturing
  • Confectionary processing plants

Typical overall diameter of this type of brush varies from 100mm through to around 250mm depending on stiffness of bristle required. Can be made up to 3000mm long.


The method of brush adjustment on either Spiral Wound or Helical Construction is easily done by an independent screw. This simple method of adjustment independent of conveyor frame, allows a brush movement of 1.5mm for each half turn of the screw.

The brush units are usually mounted under the head drum so that the rotating brush will sweep residue material from the belt to be collected.

Stationary brushes are used where a power source is not available, or where the area for installation is very restricted.

Ideally suited to:

  • Sugar & paper mills
  • Smelters & cement works
  • Glass & rubber processing
  • Mining operations
  • Plasterboard plants
  • Food processing plants

Industrial Brushware conveyor cleaning brushes and units have become standard equipment in most industries where belt cleaning is imperative.

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