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Escalator Step Cleaning Brushes are made in two completely different brush styles. They are available either as a (Tufted) Roller Brush or a (Tufted) Block Brush and suit most commonly used machines including: Duplex, Rotomac, Cimex, Treadmaster & Eureka.

Roller Brushes are fitted to specialised machinery that use rotating brushes to agitate the dirt from inside the grooves of the steps. Block Brushes are a fixed brush that is mounted directly to a fully adjustable T shape steel frame that is then placed at the base of the handrail and uses friction of the fibres to clean built up dirt from the steps.

The most commonly used brush filaments in routine daily escalator cleaning are poly & nylon filaments where a more aggressive Tynex brushes are occasionally used for heavy-duty deep cleaning only.

Escalator Safety Step Brushes have been designed with the passengers safety in mind and provide a simple solution to assist in reducing the risk of Side Step entrapment accidents on escalators by providing a soft gentle reminder to passengers to move away from the sides of escalator steps.

Side step entrapment usually occurs when curious hands or loose clothing gets caught in the gap between the edge of the escalator and the side wall adjacent to the steps. Our Safety Step Brushes are flexible enough to be bent on site to the correct angles required and can be installed in half the time of other safety step brushes. Mounting screws can be concealed easily in holes between the brush strip.



To request a quote on a custom made Travelator / Escalator Brush, download and fill out a Custom Design Sheet:

Escalator / Travelator Brush

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