Collection: Moulded Strip and Block Brushes

Having developed our Unique Brush Moulding System some 20 years ago we are now the industry leaders in custom and standard moulded strip and block brush production in Australia and throughout the world.

We are constantly approached and work closely with OEM designers and engineers looking to develop new and innovative brush products.

This type of brush making is quite unique as it is virtually unrestricted in the length of bristle that can be used and the density of fill required. Individual bristles are moulded directly into the polyurethane base and it is nearly impossible to remove them, this type of brush is extremely hardy and durable in all outside elements.

Ideal for:

*Machine Guarding  *Food Processing  *Pest Control  *Spray Suppressant  *Dust & Door Seals  *Grass & Turf Maintenance   *Equestrian Jump Brushes  *Conveyor Cleaning Brushes  *Horticultural Industry  *Other industrial applications


To request a quote on a custom made Moulded Stave Brush, download and fill out a Custom Design Sheet below using the instructional video as a guide or use our online form here:

Moulded Stave Brush

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