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Extruded Flexible Back Strip Brushes are made by fusing high quality brush filaments into an extruded 3.2mm, 5.0mm or 8.0mm wide Polypropylene or Nylon Backing which allows for flexibility and the ability to contour into various shapes that typical metal back strip brush cannot.

They can be made in continuous lengths of up to 250 metres with bristle heights ranging in size from 10mm up to 300mm depending on desired bristle thickness. Extruded flexible strip brush is approximately 40% lighter than traditional strip brush and won’t corrode as it is constructed entirely without the use of any metal components. It is typically designed to fit into our existing 3.2mm & 8.0mm aluminium brush holders.

Staple Set Flexible Strip Brushes are made by stapling tufts of filament into continuous coils of a specially extruded flexible Polyethylene brush backing typically being 8 x 8mm, 15 x 15mm or 10 x 25mm, with custom sizes available upon request. A single row of tufts is standard however multiple rows can be produced depending on the width of the brush backing required.

The staple set brush design has a specific feature that allows it to perform well where any vacuum requirements exists such as automated router heads and vacuums' - the brush allows sufficient air flow for the vacuum to work while still providing the containment features initially required as a functioning seal and can be produced in continuous coils of up to 120 metres.




Extruded Flexible Back Strip Brushes - ideal for Printing & Pharmaceutical Industries, Door and Cable Seals, Food Processing Plants, Pest Control and as a Spray Suppressant.

Staple Set Flexible Strip Brushes - ideal for Automated Router Heads , Food Processing Plants, Pest Control, Conveyor Cleaning, Machine Guards and as a Spray Suppressant.

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