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Industrial Brushware are proud to provide a full line of Rotary Disc Brushes, Pad Holders, Pad Centering Devices, Mighty Lok Faces, Clutches & Diamabrush products to suit all applications.


Nylon (0.65mm) - Ideal for scrubbing timber, parquetry, marble and carpets. Brush life is excellent.

Medium Poly (0.70mm) - Ideal for scrubbing lightly soiled concrete, timber, parquetry, vinyl or ceramic tiles.
Medium Poly bristles are slightly stiffer than nylon bristles. Brush life is good to very good.

Hard Poly (0.90mm) - Ideal for scrubbing heavily soiled concrete, vinyl or ceramic tiles. Brush life is good to very good.

Abrasive Grit (1.5mm) - Ideal for scrubbing heavily soiled concrete. Has an excellent brush life.

Bassine/Union Fibre – Ideal for polishing timber, parquetry, vinyl, terrazzo or cork tiles. Used for general scrubbing purposes. Water absorption properties make this an excellent, low cost choice for hard surface scrubbing. Brush life fair to good.


Diamabrush is a unique diamond abrasive floor system for concrete floor polishing, mastic removal, hardwood and concrete preparation, designed to be used on standard low pressure commercial cleaning machines including single discs, walk behind auto scrubbers and ride-on auto scrubbers. Some benefits of the Diamabrush system are:

  • Remove built-up grease and grime without the use of harmful chemicals
  • Deep clean your industrial and commercial concrete floor
  • Simultaneously clean and bring back a “line-new” finish to your floor
  • Easily maintain your floors without the hassle of changing your equipment or your daily routine

When it comes to Rotary Disc Brushes and Accessories you can’t go past Industrial Brushware with Rotary Brushes suitable for most surfaces...


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